Melt your head aches, call it home
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The most hardcore handshake of all time. 
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Well this is the best thing ever.
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imagine nico summoning skeletons to sing show tunes with him in little top hats with canes

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This cat looks like it was sculpted out of frozen yogurt.
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can you imagine Oliver having to show up at quidditch trials and say ‘anyone who’s here to try out for seeker better go back up to the castle because an 11 year old boy rode a broom for the first time today and McGonagall gave him the seeker position before asking me or letting me see him play sorry guys’

I’m literally watching that scene right now and now I can’t stop laughing

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I’m sorry but adding only one female character, no matter how awesome she is, to an ensemble of male characters is not being more progressive. People make it seem I should be grateful when they have well written female characters as if they’re a gift. No there should be well written female characters everywhere. In fact, why not make an ensemble of female characters and one male character. 

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